San Zhong Yi

Traditionele Chinese Geneeswijzen


Moxa is an herb called Artemisia. It is a herb that slowly burns and turns very hot (670 degrees celsius). It is a kind of natural mechanism that the body nourishes and infrared heat offers, you can do this by moxing. There are commonly used herbs in such as ginger, cinnamon, pepper, garlic and anise. This change than the action of the moxa, which works very effectively. It works well with inflammation which the enzyme hyaluronidase destroyed and at trauma, because moxa an antiseptic, blood-curdling and regenerating effect. Moxa also strengthens the action of the various acupuncture points.

Moxa is available in two forms: assembled and wired. The solid form is available in a stick that looks like a cigar, only is this not to smoke. This allows you to lighting and above a certain place on the body. This fixed form, you can also do cutting and in a moxabox (a box what a kind of fine metal wire mesh if soil has). This to a larger portion of the body, such as the lower back or abdomen moxing. The loose shape can be used to on a slice of ginger (or other herbs) and there is a pyramid out of it and on to burn. That slice of ginger with the moxa is then for example on the abdomen. You can also do this without ginger, then you use the moxa directly on the skin in the form of a very small pyramid or a larger pyramid. You can also roll the loose moxa in paper, like a stick and then hold it above the surface of the skin on a location of the body where it can slowly burn and work the pathology.