San Zhong Yi

Traditionele Chinese Geneeswijzen

Gua Sha 

In the Chinese writings of more than two thousand years ago, they described this special scraping technique. This scrape technique is applied with a scraper. This scraper can consist of metal, jade or horn. First bring your GuaSha herbal oil on the part of the skin which one you want to treat, then you're going to scrape. This oil protects the skin from damage and includes several Chinese herbs which have their own operation tweeg brings.

Through the scrape technique on the skin, you'll work the "Shas" to the skin surface. These bruises are in the skin and can vary in color: from red to purple. The color gives the duration of the stagnation: a light color meant a stagnation of shorter duration and a dark color meant a stagnation of longer duration. This skin discoloration usually disappears after three to seven days.

You have three different techniques to bring the Shas to the surface: 

  • Gua Sha: scrape technique.
  • Tsien Sha: squeeze technique or printing technique.
  • Pak Sha: beat technique.

Through these three techniques you can eliminate the waste from your body. You can develop by this waste accumulations in the connective tissue of your body, causing your pain symptoms. This accumulation of waste materials ensure that the metabolism in your body lowered and that brings about many complaints.

By the scraping technique creates a kind of suction in the skin that attracts the waste to the pores, allowing the waste can leave the body through the skin and the oxygen rich nutrients may commit their way into the body again.

The discoloration of the skin is caused by the red blood cells that end up by the capillaries in the connective tissue. By this reaction reacts immediately by the immune system through the bloodstream and lymphatic system to include the waste and to separate out through urine or feces.