San Zhong Yi

Traditionele Chinese Geneeswijzen


This is a technique that allows you to vacuum the skin by a flame (scissors with wimps dipped in 96% alcohol lighting, a second in the glass cup, take it out and keep the cup on the skin spots). By the suction and pull of the cup you can remove the pathological heat, cold or vapour through the pores from the body and subcutaneous connective tissues loosen causing the blood circulation in that area is stimulated, whereby the waste can be eliminated and the complaint disappears.

There are a number of different cupping techniques:

  •  You can leave the cups a short or long time in one place.
  • You can have multiple cups in several places a short or long time let it sit.
  • You can shake the cups in place.
  • You can slide the cups over the skin.
  • You can the cup over a needle or some herbs.
  • And you can bloody Cardenas. Bloody cupping is done by three, five or seven holes in the skin at the site of the blockage, after which you put a cup eroverheem and by the suction takes the heat with the blood and dissolves the blockage.