San Zhong Yi

Traditionele Chinese Geneeswijzen

Chinese herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine is for sure three quarters from the Chinese herbal medicine, which is currently in China for more than five thousand herbs are described. The herbs can both vegetable and animal in nature and all have a specific effect on the body.

The Chinese herbs can be classified into superior herbs (this strengthen the resistance, promote health and prolong the life) and inferior herbs (these are for short term used during illness). It also allows you to classify the herbs are energetic effect, meridiaanconnectie, temperature, taste and application possibilities.

Usually do you use for a treatment with Chinese herbs a herbal formula, which consists of a main herb for the main complaint, herbs that strengthen the operation of the master spice, herbs that reduce and possibly the side effects of the master spice herbs that the operation to send a particular body part. These herbal formulas can sometimes result for a thousand years old, and therefore have a lot of wisdom.

Chinese herbal medicine is a very complex science.

I'm not a herbalist, but am currently working on the two-year Herbal training on the Qing Bai Academy and hope to be ready in 2017. When I until then think that herbs are needed when your complaint, I will refer you to Ms. Barbara Demon or Mr. Dr. Li Jie (both have their own practice in Pondicherry). This treatment form shall not be granted in my practice.

Chinese nutrition

Since three thousand years makes the traditional Chinese Medicine using a holistic foodsystem for preserving the health.

The Western nutrition assumes that when you have a deficit to certain nutrients, you should fill this in with the same nutrients from the outside. The Chinese nutrition will correct for that the body's energy to create the missing nutrients itself and from the inside to produce by hand to fill, whereby man becomes independent of vitamin pills and calculations of calories and other nutritional values.

The Chinese nutrition works: all foods that grow in cold climates have a warming effect, because they need to keep themselves warm in contrast to all the foods that grow in warm climates, which possess a cooling effect, because they serve to cool themselves.

Example ... Let's say you want to build up your resistance in winter, so you do not catch a cold is, make sure that you do not like crazy to the oranges, bananas and Kiwis, because precisely this weaken your resistance because they contain a cooling effect, making you more susceptible to a cold in the winter, for in this time it is already cold. So make sure that you get enough for winter vegetables to you take, these have a warming effect because they grow in a cold climate that will make you immune system is strengthened and less prone for a cold.

Nutrition I use as advice during the consultations, not as a treatment in itself. I'm also not a dietitian.